Bell Systems

Important Student Procedures

School Bussing

Noon Hour Lunch Policy

Attendance Policy

Discipline Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Extra Curricular Club Policy

Ways Parents Can Help 



Bell System

Bells will ring at the following times:

                8:45 A.M.            Students enter school

                8:50                   Classes begin

               10:25                  Recess

               10:40                  Classes resume

               12:10 P.M.           Lunch

               12:50                  Students enter school

               12:55                  Classes begin

               2:30                    Recess

               2:45                    Classes resume

               3:35                    Students dismissed


Important Student Procedures


  • 1. Students must not leave the school grounds during the hours of 12:10 and 12:50 PM, except those who go elsewhere for lunch. Students who come on the bus must have a note from their parents to leave the school at noon.
  • 2. Students who walk to school are requested not to arrive until 8:40 AM and 12:40 PM if they go home for lunch.
  • 3. Students are required to walk their bikes on the playground from the fence to the bike racks. No bikes should be ridden or walked on the parking lot. Students going home via Studer Street may ride their bikes outside the fence to the crosswalk. All students who bring their bikes must bring a lock to secure their bike for the day.
  • 4. Students are required to remove footwear and caps upon entering the school.
  • 5. Students may use the school telephone only in case of emergencies such as illness, lost lunch, or ride if they missed the bus. They must get permission from their classroom teacher.
  • 6. Students must play outside during breaks when weather permits.
  • 7. Eating sunflower seeds and chewing gum are not allowed anywhere in the building or on the school grounds.
  • 8. Everyone is encouraged to be cooperative and courteous at all times. When there are problems, students and teachers meet together to try to solve them. We try to make the school a happy place to be.



School Bussing


School bussing is contracted to NorthWinds Bus Lines Limited. 
Please direct questions and concerns regarding bussing to the contractors, Jason & Anne Calladine.  The telephone number is 425-2629. 

As outlined by the NLSD Policy, only students living beyond 1.0 km of the school are eligible for bussing service. 

Please note: All Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be bussed to and from school.

Riding on the bus is a privilege!  It is the responsibility of the bus driver to transport the students safely to and from school and it is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they follow a certain code of behaviour while on the bus.  Students are required to remain seated on the bus and follow the rules for safe travel.

Rules for Bus Safety

1. School rules apply on the bus.  Behaviour on the bus is an extension of acceptable school and playground behaviour.  This would include no physical assaults, no profane language, no teasing or taunting, no spitting, no marking of or damaging property (buses) in any way.

2. Students must line up for buses in an orderly fashion and remain a safe distance back from the bus.

3. When students get on the bus, they must do so in an orderly fashion.  They are to find a seat and remain there.  No kneeling on or changing seats is permitted while the bus is in motion.

4. Eating on the bus is not allowed.

Bus Disciplinary Action

At the discretion of the bus driver, students who do not respect these rules will be kept off the buses for a minimum of 2 days.  The actual length of the suspension may be extended at the school level.  The Bus Lines will notify parents and the school of any bus suspensions.


Noon Hour Lunch Policy


Student Procedure for Lunch

1)      Students eating lunch at school must stay in their designated eating areas in their respective classrooms until 12:30 p.m.  After they have finished their lunch, students are required to engage in a quiet activity in designated area until 12:30 p.m.  Each classroom’s designated eating area and activities are posted on classroom doors.  Food is not to be eaten on the playground.  (Students participating in Safety Patrol are entitled to some extra time for eating.)
2)      At 12:30 p.m. students line up quietly at classroom doors and walk outside when dismissed by supervisors.  During rainy or cold weather, the administration will decide dismissal time after lunch.
3)      Students who have permission to stay inside will have their names listed on the chalkboard by the teacher.  These students must go to the designated quad (Quad 2) at 12:30 p.m.
4)      Students are not to eat their lunches during recess unless allowed to do so by the classroom teacher for special activities.
5)      Parents must contact the principal beforehand if they require an exception to the lunch policy for a short period of time.
6)      Students who stay for lunch must have a note from their parents if they need to leave the school at any time during the lunch hour – no exceptions.  We are responsible for the students’ whereabouts if they stay for lunch.
7)      Kindergarten early arrivals should be monitored.

The procedure for noon hour discipline is as follows:

1. First Report: student will receive a warning from Administration

2. Second Report: a letter will be sent to parents summarizing problems

3. Third Report: student will be suspended from eating lunch at school.  Students in grades one and two will be suspended from eating lunch at school for a period of two weeks and students in grades three to six for a period of one month.  Parents will be contacted by telephone and by letter.  If a child has not received a report for the previous six weeks the report is normally treated as a first report.

*Students may be suspended from eating lunch at school without a first and second report.

Attendance Policy


The school shares the belief of the Board of NLSD that the goals of education can be met only through regular attendance.  Where a pupil is not attending regularly our policy will be applied and the procedures in place will be followed.  A problem-solving approach and the principles of consistency, fairness, and flexibility will be used throughout the process.

Every pupil shall attend school regularly (Education Act [1995], Section 156) except as provided for in the exceptions (Education Act [1995], Section 157) and the exemptions from compulsory attendance (NLSD Policy H-15).  Parents and guardians are expected to notify the school regarding student absence.


Discipline Policy


Proper behaviour by all students is essential for student safety and a climate in which learning can take place.  As a staff, we endeavour to provide an environment where students are responsible, respectful, safe, and kind.  We cannot tolerate behaviours, which disrupt this environment, and therefore we have developed procedures for dealing with students whose actions are not respectful, cooperative, or whose actions threaten their own safety or the safety of others.


Consequences and Procedures

Supervisors are to be giving warnings on the playground first.  If the behaviour becomes inappropriate (extreme or repeated behaviour) a playground report is filled out and given to the Vice-Principal.  The Vice-Principal will keep a record of the reports received and the following consequences are followed in a six-week period:

1. First report: one lost recess for the student

2. Second Report: one day's recesses lost for the student

3. Third Report: two days' recesses lost for the student as well as a note summarizing playground problems sent home to parents.

4. Fourth Report: three days' recesses lost for the student and the Vice-Principal will set up a meeting with the classroom teacher, student, and Vice-Principal to develop a plan of action to avoid further problems.

5. Fifth Report: four days' recesses lost for the student. 

The Vice-Principal (or Principal) may:    

   1. Place the student in a social skills development program, which takes place at recess.  Under some circumstances with extreme behavior, a student may be placed in this program before the fifth report.

   2. Contact the parents or guardians to come in for a meeting with the student, the classroom teacher, the Vice-Principal (and/or Principal), and the supervisors who reported the student.  The object will be to develop a plan of action.

6. Further report:   five days' recesses lost and student will be dealt with according to plan.


In cases of extreme behaviour, the student may be placed at any point in the process at the discretion of the Administration.  Also, at the discretion of the Administration, the student may be given an In-School Suspension (1/2 day or more) or an Out of School Suspension (1/2 day or more).

If a student has not received a report in the past six weeks, a report is normally treated as a first report.  This gives students an incentive for appropriate behavior.

Non-compliance with the Discipline Procedures will result in one or more of the following (at the discretion of the Principal and/or Vice-Principal):

   1.  further loss of recesses

   2.  detention (after school, recess, or over the noon hour)

   3.  in school suspension

   4.  not being allowed to return to school until a meeting of parents, the student, the School Social Worker, and Administration where the student presents his/her plan for appropriate behavior

5.  out of school suspension


Anti-Bullying Policy

Incidents of bullying or teasing that are reported to the classroom teacher or supervisor will be forwarded to the Vice-Principal if they are repetitive or of an uninvited and serious nature.  Three steps will be applied in each situation.

1.  First Report: Vice-Principal will meet with the student, issue a warning, and provide information about teasing/bullying and the harm it does.  A phone call home may occur if deemed necessary.

2.  Second Report: A phone call and follow up letter will be sent to parents detailing the teasing/bullying incidents.  An information sheet regarding preventing bullying/teasing will be sent home.  The student will lose recess time from the playground and will work in the library on a bullying questionnaire and worksheets regarding bullying behaviour.

3.  Third Report: The student will be removed from the classroom and may serve an in-school or out-of-school suspension (1/2 day or more) depending on the severity of the situation.  A parent meeting will take place before the student returns to class.  Upon return, the student will enter the Social Skills Development Program.

Student Possession and Use of Cell Phone Policy

In order to accommodate the growing parental concerns about student safety while traveling to and from school, Pre-Cam Community School will allow students to possess cell phones provided the following rules are strictly adhered to:

THE USE (out-going calls, in-coming calls, text messaging, camera use, game-playing, or any other use) OF CELL PHONES ON SCHOOL PROPERTY BETWEEN 8:15 AM AND 3:30 PM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Such use will result in confiscation and possible out-of-school suspension and loss of cell phone privileges. Phones should be stored in student backpacks or given to their teacher (cell phones are to be turned off while in the student's possession at school). If a phone goes off on school property or is used between the above mentioned hours you adhere to the consequences below:

First offense - cell phone will be confiscated and the student can pick up their phone at the end of the day from administration.
Second offense - cell phone will be confiscated and the parent can pick up their phone from administration.
Third offense - one day out of school suspension and the parent can pick up their phone from administration.

Fourth offense - three day out of school suspension and cell phone will be confiscated.

Parents should continue to call the school for any emergency situation and we will contact your son/daughter. Do not try to contact your child by cell phone.

It is permissible for students to use their cell phone outside of the school grounds at anytime; however, during class field trips students are bound by the rules of the school.  Teachers may use discretion and on lengthy trips (out of town) allow students to use cell phones ONLY for parental contact.

At no time (during the school day) are students permitted to carry an exposed cell phone on their clothing.

The use of camera phones is strictly forbidden anywhere on school grounds. Such use may also be in violation of the criminal code.

Pre-Cam Community School is not responsible for any lost or damaged cell phones.

Extra-Curricular Club Policy

Extra-Curricular Clubs are an extension of the instructional program. All club coordinators are expected to review with students and send home a copy of the "Student Fair Play Code" for parents to review before their child participates in any club activity.  Any student who cannot adhere to the code may lose the privilege of participating in the activity either temporarily or permanently.  A warning will be given before a student is removed and parents will be contacted by the coordinator before a student is removed from the club or a special event

Student Fair Play Code

Active Living: Improve and maintain fitness willingly during Exercise programs. Participate regularly with a positive attitude.    

Skillful Movement: Give my best effort to Improve skills in a wide variety of activities. Work independently without direct supervision; show leadership.

Relationships: Respect others; control disruptive behavior and emotions. Play Fair, play by the rules, and play for fun. Co-operate, share willingly, and show teamwork. Safely keep equipment in control, use space awareness. Listen to explanations, watch demonstrations, and follow directions.

Ways Parents Can Help


1.  Please ensure your child has all necessary supplies for school.  Please put names on all supplies, clothing, and footwear.  It is not uncommon to see a dozen pairs of identical looking shoes!!

2.  Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather at all times.  We like to get them outside for a few minutes during each break.

3.  For children who ride the buses and stay at school for lunch, we ask that parents help to ensure these privileges are not abused.  It is never pleasant to have to discontinue a privilege because of misconduct.

4.  Students must have indoor runners (non-marking) for gym activities.  Outdoor footwear must be removed at the entrances to keep halls clean and dust free.

5.  Students are encouraged to make full use of library books.  Parents should encourage children to read to them and also help students take care of all school books.  Books that are lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged to parents of the students responsible.

6.  Classroom parties are limited to two or three per year.  The help and support that parents give to these is greatly appreciated.

7.  School doors open at 8:30 a.m. unless buses arrive earlier.  Although we try not to let any students wait outside in cold weather, we ask for parents' cooperation by not bringing students to school before 8:30 a.m. especially during cold winter.

8.  Please discourage your children from bringing expensive toys or money to school unless requested to do so by the teacher for a specific reason.

9.  Parents are asked to phone the school's attendance line (425-2486) when students will be late or absent for any reason.

10.  If parents wish to phone teachers, please try to do so outside of class time.  You may phone and leave messages with our school secretary at any time.


Contact Information

If your address or telephone number changes during the year please let the school know immediately.  These are used in cases of emergencies.

Please ensure you prearrange all details such as lunch plans, after school arrangements, getting home on rainy days, etc. with your child before they come to school in the morning.  It can be very unsettling for students not to know what their after school plans are.



We ask that all visitors report to the office at the main entrance upon entering the school.  All other doors will be locked at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  This is a safety and security measure as it is important for us to know who is in the school at all times. 

If you are picking up your child outside of dismissal hours, please report to the office and we will call them down for you. 

All visitors are asked to sign the Guest Log in the office.