Charlebois School (K-12) currently has a student population of over 260 young people. There is a large gym, home economics lab, industrial arts shop, library, computer room, science lab, and many large classrooms. Innovative programs such as Cree Immersion and computer technology projects are just a few of the exciting things going on at this well-organized and productive school.

Charlebois Community School envisions a school where every student experiences growth, achievement and success academically, athletically, culturally and spiritually in a safe environment surrounded by a caring staff.

The mission of Charlebois Community School is to engage the parents and the community to assist the staff in helping students to set realistic life and career goals and to see the connection between education, clearly established routines, and attendance in the achievement of those goals


All people have the right to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their race, beliefs, customs, and traditions.

Shared Responsibility
We believe student success is the shared responsibility of staff, students, parents, and community.

Professional Learning Communities
The Professional Learning Community will work as a team using common assessments to provide intervention for those students learning at different rates to and having difficulty succeeding.